Company Setup

1. Freezone Company Setup

The basic premise of a free zone is that it makes it much easier for businesses to conduct business. Setting up new business in UAE or getting a trade license can sound like a long and complicated process, but it is not. Paperwork is simplified, efforts are minimised, and everything is designed to attract international investors and help them build up their business.

The wide and varied choice of free zones comes with 100% foreign ownership, with no requirements for local sponsors or service agents. Business owners can also enjoy 100% repatriation of revenues and profits, and 100% transfer of funds.

With many years of experience and many hundreds of satisfied clients on our roster, our teams continue to offer personalised and professional service.

We cater to both, residents and international investors who are interested in Company Formation in UAE Free Zone.

We can help you identify the right specialty and choose the best free zone location. We help you create compelling value propositions. We process all the documentation and paperwork while complying with regulations. We will even fulfil unusual requests.

If you are looking for company set up in UAE Free Zone, we are happy to serve you – and deliver high levels of satisfaction

2. Mainland Company Setup

We have many years of experience in establishing many different types, sizes, and structures of Trading Consulting & 100% expat owned companies on the UAE mainland. Complementing this vast experience is our skilled and specialised expertise in different aspects of local mainland company formation. Our dedicated team of lawyers, chartered accountants, consultants and others work diligently to ensure that every step is perfect, on the path to success. For all your queries relating to mainland company setup in Dubai, please get in touch with us.

This combination of experience and expertise allows you to be fully at ease, and feel extremely confident as we help set up your LLC Business in the UAE. Hundreds of individuals and institutions from around the world rely on us to procure new business licences, rent office space, earn legal residence and start a successful new life in this country. You are invited to join their distinguished ranks.

LLC Company formation on the UAE’s mainland is a systematic process with timely steps that are largely linked to each other. Understanding the basics will present offers a clear view of the big picture.

3. Offshore Company Setup

A company can be established offshore, that is away from the UAE mainland and not in a free zone. You could establish an offshore company in RAK Offshore (officially the Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre or RAK ICC), which is a Company Registry containing details of offshore companies; or overseas. The British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Mauritius also offer excellent venues An offshore company is a legal business that is established with the intention of operating outside its registered jurisdiction or location of ownership. In the majority of cases, offshore companies do not need to occupy physical office space, but in turn, cannot undertake extensive any business activities in the country of its origin. when setting up your offshore company.

Offshore companies can be created and owned by individuals or institutions, and shares can be easily and freely transferred by a written instrument.

Offshore company formation in Dubai is a fast-growing sector of new business set up in the country. It is typically built with provisions to minimise or eliminate taxes associated with property sales, capital gains, value-added tax (VAT), death duties, and profits on business earnings.

For investors looking at offshore company registration in Dubai, favored considerations include the ability to create or maintain wealth, hold or protect property and other assets, and offer international trading, contracting and consulting services from a single location.

Benefits of Offshore Company setup in Dubai is an assurance of confidentiality over ownership and related financial affairs.